de bono’s thinking book’s

the septuplets

just chatted to Jose bout de bono’s thinking books – from my bookshelf! being telling him to read more books, as it would create more worthwhile conversations between us two!

the TV and radio medium too will provide the “jazz” too; boredom is a real “killer”!? – damn my dot button is not working , hence their are no dots! – lol, hehe haha!

he’s cook himself chinese instant noodle; which i’ve just had with tesco’s sardine’s; need the fabulously brilliant loaf of bread in those Afgan’s 24 hour shop’s – costing £1

and butter too; will be doing pasta with mince beef again tomorrow; that’s another 2/3 days food! in the fridge;

the rock

tyson fury’s $80m deal with ESPN for 5 fight’s mean AJ deal with another american network; makes them independent with rival players – interesting!;;;;tyson drew with wilder last december; the darling of uncle Sam’s land;

the rock was friend’s with chris hart, who has chickened out of the oscar’s presenter’s job; this year oscar has no presenters! – i think, but wts; or where shall i go ad watch the oscars?


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