to the “google-talk”….- “catch me if you can”; now turned into a Tom Hanks film; according to the 1st comment on the you-tube page, the talk is even more interesting than the film!

jez checked out the “TED” talk about the mysterious star talk from the lady “tabetha…..” on the again you-tube channel, which i have saved in my “blogger” profile;

Frank Abagnale: “Catch Me If You Can” | Talks at Google

3,582,168 views55K1.7KSHARESAVE

see. he has over 3.5m hits…………cool hey….!

It’s the end of another year; and only a few days to go ’til Xmas day, and the spending extraganza along Oxford Street, where the lights are pretty cool;

the mormon churches “light the world” theme was right in the foyer; with extra “light the……” etc., added to extend to perhaps:- community, families, churches, charities, and others too…………………..alpha course was finished so ended up in the LDS community………..!!..missed an Xmas dinner at my locals…….! but enjoyed the sights and sounds of Central London……………..

It’s quite difficult to type and listen to the talk at the same time; unlike this morning when i concentrated on Anne Foster’s 5live radio show; didn’t realise how much i missed it, until I turned it on this morning; been a sort of blanket ban on the wireless these last few weeks, since Dad’s been back from Hongkong and ranting bout my job situation; and the “situation” is that i need to get a life – ie. get more and a job……… like job +………….!!!!!!??

like the tv channels itv +1 , and itv2 + 1, and maybe 5 + 24, and select, and pick tv.and all the “on-demand, and iplayers; cool media i would say bout the current media industries;

i remembered this group somewhile back, and i didn’t really know what, or who were they about….!?..the blond guy is missing ( dead or just split..!!??), who knows and in particular there 80s hit….”red, red wine….”;

other notable 80s band include:-

  1. madness (playing in the westminster hall, this new years eve – £60!)
  2. human league ( loughborough uni.)
  3. bryan Adams ( hongkon collesium – with church fling!)
  4. Depeche Mode ( why did they play “tainted love” so many times at those mormon church parties!!?)
  5. level 42 (uni….)
  6. haircut 100
  7. shaking stevens
  8. ABC
  9. Dead or Alive
  10. Bananarama ( saw them on new years eve in Victoria Park – Hongkong )
  11. and others…..

the disc ” NOW 101 ” is out now!…check it out…

only 10 minutes left in my local library ( they’ve extended the time limit from 1 hour to 1 and a half hour….nowadays;)..the new flexible library opening hours are cool for the library hibernatars!!………ie. people who pretend to be students, so they can avoid work for as long as they can – you will notice people in your communities – if you look…………………..

used to love these series when i was a weeeeee lad…! also the “asterix” ones too………..


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