sunday is any other day……….!?

doherty 1 frame down to ronnie in the UK championships – 2nd round (2nd only to the world’s in April….he is losing 5-4 (the irishman, first to 6 wins); if he can replicate macanus, when he defeated higgins yesterday after (3-0 up to 5-3 up…and scrapping through 5-6 – he said Higgins wasn’t playing well; Higgins himself said , if he plays like this in the wolrd, he’s gonna give up the game!

jsut watch the 1st half of the North Londan derby when Spurs was 2-1 up at half time at the Emerates; just came back home and they – the gunners are 4-2 up, and I think they have finished; next up the Merseyside derby: Liverpool versus Everton; just learnt that Fabiano – the Monaco signing was quoted by Klopp as been too slow in midfield – he was a converted right back at Monaco!!

Chelsea had early scrapped a 2-0 win over the cottagers at the Bridge; cos under the new manager – Ranieri, the Fulham were competing very well; just like the Cherries did at Old Trafford yesteday; but both teams ended up losing….as they do;

SPurs game over; something brewing here at the Emerates; Arsenal under Unai move up to 4th; next kick-off are the merseysider’s derby – the 3rd of today!!

The Apprentice are down to 6, with the double elimination of ” the tree-surgeon” and the Air-stewardess; according to Sugar – she was not an Acorn, which he wants to convert to an Oak-tree!; she was way ahead of the blond girl (22) and Kadisha – the “nut-drink” brand and the othere..????; only 1 boy left – the paki, daniel, veruss the other 5 girls: blond 22 year old; the other blond, kadisha, Smart-suit black girl, 1 other girl ??? and the only boy  left …daniel; who’s gonna make the final interview 5 ??

The X-factor and the Stricly Come Dancing are down to the finals; last nights’ X-factor was suppose to reduce the 3 … to the final 2 for tonight’s final; but Simon has kept all 3 of them through to tonight’s final; it’s Liverpudian Anthony (Last year’s “at the judges house” loser – domestic problem); Black guy and the fat lady……?? left (Dalton and Michelle???)

I think last night’s SCD was the bottom 2 being internet you-tube guy – Joe suggs and her fancier partner; they left a stun Casualty black guy, who’s stayed in against all the odd’s ( he’s 1 of the weakest of the remainer); favourites ar Ashley Roberts, Stacy Dooley ……….

O’sullivan beat Doherty 6-5……..through to the last 32….

Sang some great songs today at my local church; ate donuts and drank coffee; got this months program; lunch on the 23rd and carol singing in Burnt Oak on the Thursday;

Was at Paddy Power, then a pint in the local’s Blaney; watching Spurs leading 2-1, before the guneers came back to win 4-2….!…the ‘Pool are playing now, versus their niebours – the Toffee’s

Last night’s fight between Wilder and Fury ended up ” a draw”….!

jason koon


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